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Sports Science,  Strength and Conditoning , Sports Therapy , Nutrition 




# In season and pre season screening and athlete/team fitness testing 

We provide a team fitness portfolio personalised for you and your team's sport as well as an individual portfolio with results logged and recorded calculating v02 , maximum aerobic speed , training zones ,sprint capacity, acceleration speed , mobility , flexibility and maximum power , body fat , BMI plus more on request. From the results taken we will suggest a training plan and program to maximize the potential in you as an athlete or your whole team.

# Pre season sessions and individual training plans 

For season based sports we provide the most effective way to build your team and athletes to their full capacity , so during the season your team will hit their peak fitness.

We provide one to one sessions and plans for individuals depending on position , sport and age based on the testing results. 

We create a training plan for your team to work around skills based sessions which you deliver and your upcoming fixtures, friendlies and events you may have. 


# Gym based and field based strength and conditioning sessions and plans for teams and individuals

We provide sports specific , individualised, after athlete screening gym session to improve your athletes performance.


These can be done at your gym facilities or we can source one local to you .

On the pitch strength and conditioning sessions are sports specific to your needs ,these can be individualised sessions concentrating on one athlete or can be set as team with simultaneous sessions running at the same time for alternate players.


# Warm ups and cool downs match and event based support for teams,events and individuals 

Match and event support pre game / race warm ups for teams and individuals , in game support monitoring player / athlete stats and fatigue and fitness levels. Post game maintainance recovery sessions to recover as effectively as possible for the next competition.


# Sports science Coach education for coaches looking to improve knowledge on sports science and strength and conditioning, 

We offer coach education to improve coaches knowledge and can implement new warm up / cool down strategies , maintanace session and sports specific fitness session for coaches to use in their own sessions .  We can monitor sports skill based sessions to see if the physical aim of the sessions are met and where the most suitable place in the season for the specific sessions would go for physical improvement of the athlete/team.

Sports Therapy Support 


These are the current services we offer more are available  on request 


Injury testing and Injury assessments


Soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation exercises combined.


Pre-Activity Massage / Post Event massages on players


Maintenance massages and general sports massages on the players when needed.


Creating effective treatments for player and athlete management.


Returning players to training from injury 

Accessing Range of motion and flexibility


Pitch side first aid and treatments during games and training


Increasing range of movement and flexibility in players


Recording and testing players range of movement and 

flexibility and re testing every mesocycle to see where the results correlate to.


Taping players to provide support and  providing support braces if necessary.


Use of ice and heat treatments during therapy sessions and during training and games accordingly.


Nutrition Support 

  • We work with a specialist nutritionist who supports our work as strength and conditioning coaches to implement the most effective strategy of fueling the athletes and teams we work with.


  • This provides a structured systematic approach to your nutrition , supporting you and your team all year round to get the best results.


  • We offer individual programming , nutrition talks all personalised to the individuals and teams that we work with.


  • This approach allows us to get the best results with our training and thus the reason why we created our expert panel of coaches and consultants working with us  to get the best results out of yourself or your team.
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